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She was a bit of a plain Jane with a large bust, but an extremely nice girl who also travelled by train, she wore a tightly belted brown satin raincoat and shiny brown wellington boots.


Joyce lived next door to the church and had been in the same year as me at school and had been known as the bombshell wore a stunning emerald green rubberised slipper satin raincoat with unusual twist brass knobs for buttons and a wide belt with a large brass buckle and brass eyelets.

Helen Peterson

Helen had also been in my class from the age of five, with the exception of the years I had been away in Edinburgh, my father from the age of twelve had teased my that she wanted to be my girlfriend, I hadn't wanted to know as I thought she was ugly. By the age of seventeen however the ugly duckling had turned into the beautiful swan and had won several beauty contests including Butlin's Holiday Princess at Ayr, Miss Bikini a Sabrina Lookalike run by a Scottish Sunday newspaper. Helen wore a lovely gold rubberised satin raincoat it was trimmed with black velvet at the collar and cuffs. She occasionally wore it belted but more often than not in a swagger style which allowed the light to reflect off it with every movement she made and it swished and rustled more when she wore it in this style than it did when she wore it belted.


Dorothy who did not live in the immediate district but lived about three miles away and attended our church was a tall good looking woman with a lovely figure wore a tightly belted lovely shiny bottle green rubberised slipper satin raincoat.


One of my best friends eighteen year old sister worked in the opticians next to my mothers ladies hat shop and had a very sexy hourglass figure which looked fantastic when encased in her tightly belted bottle green rubberised satin raincoat.


Joan who worked in the wet fish shop a few doors along from the hat shop who always wore black wellington boots wore a lovely black rubberised satin raincoat.


Who came on a church holiday to the far North of Scotland wore a royal blue rubberised satin raincoat every day, she even wore it over her bikini when we went down to the swimming pool in the grounds of the mansion that we were staying at.


Mary who was also on that holiday was rather plain in looks but had a nice figure and was a wonderful Christian lass wore a tightly belted black rubberised cotton raincoat.


During the fifties buses were great place to see ladies in rainwear and to sit in very close proximity to them and where you could actually touch their rainwear without being thought a wierdo or a dirty old man, young one, in my case. Buses were more crowded in those days as not many people had cars and it was becoming accepted that married women were going out to work. There were good times for a rainwear lover to travel on wet days, between 8.00 and 9.00am to the city, 1.00pm and 2.00pm from the city, part-timers were coming home, 4.00pm and 6.30pm shoppers and ladies in full time work comng home, and after 10pm, especially on Fridays and Saturday nights

Going to Rich Relatives

Every Wednesday from 1954 onwards I went to see an aunt and uncle who lived in a well to do area about 10 miles south of the city. I would spend a pleasent with them watching televion, we didn't have a T.V. in those days. Uncle would drive me to the bus stop to catch the first bus of my two bus journey home, and just before the bus came he always gave me 5/- [25 pence]

This particular Wednesday was a wet horrible one and when I finished work at 5.30pm. I rushed across the town to the out of town bus station to catch the 5.42pm Ayr limited stop, this bus only stopped 3 times before my stop. I joined the already long queue and as we began to file on the bus an inspector in a black rubberised macintosh said Mearns passengers get on the duplicate standing behind the Ayr bus, I duly obliged and went to the upper deck, it was a low bridge bus which meant that the seats were four in a row on the left with the gangway a foot lower on the right. The bus was fairly full and there were no window seats left. Then I spotted her half way down sitting at the window wearing the most beautiful shocking pink rubberised slipper satin raincoat. I went and sat next to her and as I did I saw that she was wearing the belt very tight. She eased over and smiled at me, she really was lovely her long dark hair was in a Veronica Lake style and she had a large bust was accentuated by the taut rubberised satin and it shimmered with her every movement. Throughout the journey I could feel my excitement and my manhood rising. At the Broom, a well to do estate she excused herself and as she passed me I allowed my hand to trail across her rubberised satin covered bottom. I was in a state of high sexual excitement when I arrived at my uncles and after saying hello I went to the bathroom and after a few moments slipped into the cloakroom which was next door to the bathroom and took my aunts' black rubberised cotton cape off the peg, returned to the bathroom stripped off my clothes and put the cape on. I was in such a state of excitement that I came before I started masturbating.

Coming Home From The Pictures

Another wet evening I was sitting on the upper deck of a bus while travelling home from the cinema and it pulled up at a busy stop outside a chip shop, I looked down at the long queue to see if there was anyone I knew getting on, my excitement rose. There was a lady with an esquisite hourglass figure and lomg wavy hair wearing a tightly belted shimmering rubberised slipper satin raincoat, I couldn't tell under the street lighting what colour her raincoat or hair was. I sat watching her intently as she moved nearer to getting on praying that she would come upstairs and I would see her wonderful coat, she did and she came and sat beside me. She was a stunning redhead in her late twenties and her raincoat was a deep purple colour. She began talking to me and she knew my name, I didn't recognise her until she told me she was Rita, my Sunday School teacher when I had been in the Beginners.

Coming Home Again From The Pictures

Some months later on another wet evening I had been to the same cinema and as usual I got on the Route 34 to go home and went on upper deck to have cigarette [no I don't smoke now] and there was a dark haired woman wearing a deep crimson rubberised satin raincoat sitting half way along the right hand side with a man. I went and sat on the empty seat in front of them making sure as I had a good look at her as did so, I knew her, it was Jessie, a good looking woman in her mid-twenties whose mother lived a few doors along from us. Jessie had a stunning figure, a very large pointed bust and her trim trim waist was held in by the wide diamond shaped buckled belt which she had fastened very tightly. We chatted for the twenty minute journey and just before our stop she pulled the hood over her head and fastened it tightly with the drawstrings.


I the area of Glasgow where I lived several good looking married woman all of whom wore a wonderful assortment of rubberised raimwear and I adored them all and on wet days when I was unemployed, and that was fairly often between the ages of 15 and 19, I used to walk the streets looking to see if I could see these lovely ladies.

Brenda Bruce

Brenda was a lovely looking mother of two young sons in her early thirties with very short black hair and a great figure and a very sexy husky voice who lived two doors down from us. On warm summer afternoon Brenda, who was a part-time model at The Glasgow School of Art two evenings a week , would sunbathe in her back garden wearing either a tiny pink or black satin bikini, I discovered years later that what I thought were two bikinis was in fact only one, it could be worn reversable. On wet days and evenings she wore a beautiful soft smooth silver rubberised satin swagger style raincoat. I used to love to follow her when she was wearing this fantastic garment as it shimmered and glinted with every step she took.

Joan Moore

Joan was a fairly large, but well proportioned, in fact statuesque, lady in her late thirties who wore a beautiful very tightly belted emerald green slipper satin raincoat which had a matching hood with a drawstring to fasten it. Joan didn't wear the hood as such but bunched the material at the bottom of it very tight and tied it with the drawstring and wore it like a tight cloche hat. Joan always looked very cold, superior and cruel in this raincoat and black wellington boots which unusually had as small heel and shaped tight to her legs.

Marie McKay

She was an attractive thirtysomething with a great figure and a teenage son who lived at the top end of our street and worked in the local chemists. She wore a green rubberised slipper satin rubberised satin raincoat almost identical to Joan Moores'.

Janis Blair

This lady was in her mid forties with a plumpish figure who lived opposite us and when it was wet wore a belted deep red rubberised silk hooded raincoat. Late one night when my mother was at her house it began to rain so she lent mother this coat telling her to get me to return it in the morning. Mum went to work next morning and I decided to try it on and while playing with it I tore it. Mother bought her a new raincoat, not silk one but a pillar box red rubberised satin one, it was made by Kelvinette and was bought at Watt Brothers and cost 3.16.0., I know because I had to pay for it. My mum kept the torn rubberised silk one and had it invisibly mended and she wore it for several years.

Pat Howe

Pat was a beautiful young unmarried mother with an absolutely stunning figure and short black hair who took digs with a widower friend of ours who lived a few doors away. The first time I saw her I fell head over heels in love with her she was walking along the street wearing a tightly belted figure hugging black rubberised cotton raincoat fastened up to the neck, the sleeves fastened tightly around the wrists with buttons.

Over the next few weeks I got to know Pat and I began to do little jobs for her, she wanted to pay me but I refused, she then asked if there was anything she could do for, anything I wanted. I told her she'd laugh and think that I was silly, she assured me that she wouldn't. I told her that I'd like to try her rubberised raincoat on. She smiled and told me that she'd heard that I liked raincoats. I became embarrassed and asked her how she knew, she said all ladies knew I liked their raincoats, Joan Moore, Brenda Bruce and a few more. She went and got her raincoat and held it up for me to put on, I hesitated but my desire to wear it was stronger than my embarressment. She helped me on with it and fastened all the buttons then pulled the belt tight, it felt wonderful. She then left the room and I masturbated on the bed before she returned with a cup of tea. After that every time I did a job for her the coat was ready when I finished and after she had fastened it for me she always left me alone while she made a cup of tea. Unfortunately after a few months she emigrated to New Zealand.